Charlie Hunter Duo~”Shhhhhhhhh”

What can you say about Charlie Hunter that hasn’t been written before….well at tonights show he and drummer Simon Lott were all over the place, musically and one point reminding the crowd that it is a show and to “SSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. There were moments in the set that seemed to be reactionary jams to the sometimes “Sorority” loudness coming from overthere…Simon Lott is an incredible force on the skins…watching him play added to the show as he and Charlie both make facial movements that redefine the duo term, since with those MUGGS it seems like 2 others join in at times. Watching Charlie up-close is like witnessing the birth of a new animal, one undiscovered until that moment, never knowing what’ll turn out to be…until…it morphs……He makes those strings come to life, but more importantly it IS a life of their own. I am someone who likes to see what else a musician like Charlie Hunter does with his talent, his projects and collaborations are wide and varied and that is a formula for airplay on greenarrowradio.


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