Back to the Cat: Barry Adamson

Barry Adamson was bass player in post punk band, Magazine between 1978-1982. He then went on to become a founder member of Nick Cave’s illustrious Bad Seeds in 1984. Since 1989, with the release of debut album ‘Moss Side Story‘, Adamson has forged his own highly acclaimed solo career with a series of distinctive and thematically linked soundscape albums, he has also worked on film soundtracks for David Lynch. In 2002, Adamson left his long-term label, Mute Records, and started his own “production home“, Central Control International. In 2006, he released Stranger on the Sofa, to critical acclaim. And this year, the release of the soulful funky sounds of Back to the Cat take listeners down a funky road of soul-slides and real wording. Soaked in a gravy of mood & sophistication, this album will catch on easily with the soul of your listening, and the enjoyment of your mischievous side…ENJOY!!!!


1 The Beaten Side Of Town (4:49)
2 Straight ‘Til Sunrise (4:59)
3 Spend A Little Time (4:29)
4 Shadow Of Death Hotel (4:21)
5 I Could Love You (3:33)
6 Walk On Fire (4:32)
7 Flight (4:54)
8 Civilization (4:18)
9 People (3:23)
10 Psycho_Sexual (5:53)

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