Anoushka Shankar in Madison

To experience the Anoushka Shankar Project is to open yourself up to the wonders of mental movement. For this project, Anoushka is joined onstage by: Tanmoy Bose– tabla, Ravichandra Kulur– flute, Leo Dombecki– piano, and Jesse Charnow– drum kit. In 2007 the tour consists of new, acoustic versions of select pieces from Anoushka´s album Rise, new and as yet unrecorded compositions by her, and a showcase of some of her father Ravi Shankar´s finest Raga creations. The fusion of traditional Indian Classical and masterfully arranged audio interpretations featuring a blend of instrumentation, consumes your senses in a timeless moment of rapture. This project is certainly a step into the modern musical times with a strong sense of understanding where people have been drawn in in the past. There is a vision to this music. As with her father Ravi Shankar, the ability to listen and hear have in my humble opinion, placed Anoushka in a position to shape and invent within the structure of music, and create new boundaries for others to gain inspiration from. With a mixing of perspective, reflection and exploration, that magic of the Sitar should aptly be the choice to create these new stories. Sometimes it’s hard to turn the page, but in this case…..who KNOWS what’ll be next….SPEAKING OF…..

I invite you to check out a new project that features Miss Shankar and Karsh Kale.

Also, take a moment and re-visit my conversation with Anoushka about one year ago….ENJOY

anoushkashankar 0021.jpg
..with Anoushka Shankar 10/5/07

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