African Children’s Choir

Last night in the grand Overture Hall, the African Children’s Choir presented Journey of Hope. The moments I shared watching these kids work magic with their stories through song and dance made me remind myself that I too have yet to fully live. True soul was the sound that captured me, unlike any I have sensed at shows in the past. Once I was able to gain perspective and then leave it slightly behind for a moment, I realized I was a part of this Journey of Hope, these moments shared made me feel vulnerable. With 13 girl performers and 9 boys, there was an energy of excitement and an allure of the unknown…each story invited the audience to join Africa in her quest to remain the homeland. One moment that stays etched in my mind is when those 22 kids introduced themselves with a quick “Hello” and a mention of “When I grow up I will be”…solidifying my connection with these children for more than just one night in Madison. There were 3 adult performers as well, each a former member of the choir and each doing there role in educating Africa and others about her. Since the Children’s Choir has expanded its operations to serve children and families in Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, the Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and South Africa. The relief, education and music programs currently support over 8,000 underprivileged (truly) children, ranging from school of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan, to the teachers’ colleges, to the literacy schools in the inner city, to support centers for AIDS orphans in South Africa, to university sponsorship programs to former choir members. For more information on the African Children’s Choir.

Be a part of Africa.


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