Joe Marcinek’s Dead Funk Summit

Featuring two of Joe’s musical heroes, bassist George Porter Jr. (The Meters) and keyboardist Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band), ‘Dead Funk Summit’ is the 7th album of original music by JOE MARCINEK BAND and is available through the label, Vintage League Music. Although the JMB studio albums have focused more on jazz and rock, Joe is also known for his “Dead Funk Summit” concerts, which mash-up influences from Funk and the Grateful Dead. According to Marcinek, “The concept started at a show we did together in 2018. Since then the ‘Dead Funk Summit’ has become much more as I’ve used the name to throw some crazy lineups together. Naturally, that lead to me wanting to do an album of original music with Melvin and George. So I wrote the songs on our new release with them in mind, trying to honor the spirits of those two musical worlds while bringing my own vision into the equation.” In February of 2022, Joe traveled to New Orleans to record with George Porter Jr. and his trio of Michael Lemmler (keys) and Terrence Houston (drums). Melvin Seals recorded his parts in San Francisco, and vocals (and a horn section) were added by Tony Hall. The mixing, mastering & artwork were all handled by friend of the proGram, Alan Evans (Eric Krasno, Soulive, The Motet).

Joe and I go way back now, and so it is always a pleasure to catch up with him on his latest accomplishments, but this one is something I personally have been rooting for. Joe’s unique way of getting people together has been something I admire as a person who diggs into the spontaneous nature of things, so I really couldn’t wrap my head around how it must ‘feel’ now that this music is out there. We get in there about how this whole process sorta went down – from live shows and relationship building to writing tunes for these two leGends. The music only tells part of the story so it is really exciting to share in the obvious glow of Joe as this album just dropped for all to share in. You can hear in his voice the thrill of this entire chapter of his life, and well, that shows in the sounds captured on the album – just imagine working with and in the service of two of your ‘idols’. The dreams are real!

To celebrate the album’s release, Joe threw a special album release party down in New Orleans on May 2, featuring another all- star cast of musical characters including: George Porter Jr., Dennis Chambers, Tony Hall, Jennifer Hartswick, Nikki Glaspie, & others.

Dead Funk Summit Musicians (Album)
Joe Marcinek – Guitar
George Porter Jr – Bass
Melvin Seals – Hammond Organ
Terrence Houston – Drums
Michael Lemmler – Keys
Tony Hall – Vocals on Tracks 1-2
Taylor Galbraith – Drums on Track 7
Ashley Galbraith – Bass on Track 7

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