Worked that Direction

The first part of today’s proGram had the flashers on and the hazard cones set…I want to thank JT/Allison for being return guests to the proGram as their band, Birds of Chicago play the High Noon Saloon tonight. We had a nice conversation with highlighted their travels the past year, new tunes being worked upon and we shared plenty of lauGhs. They are always a welcomed part of the show. I gave away three pair of tickets to this evenings good times..Here is the detour we took around:

Black Rose- Piers Faccini
I Only Said- Kenny Feinstein
Happiness- Iska Dhaaf

Little Jose- Grey Reverend
This Way- Grey Reverend
Iskra Goodbye- Grooms

Magic Bus- the Who (live at Leeds)
Luigi’s Starlite Lounge- Chuck E. Weiss
Juvenile Delinquent- Chuck E. Weiss
Trippin’ Over Dragons- Billy Iuso Ft. Ivan Neville/Jaik Miller
Strollin’ with Bones- Reverend OrganDrum
Joyful Noise- the Derek Trucks Band
All Night Train- the Allman Brothers
She’s a Healer- Neil Young
Radar- Chris Whitley Ft. Dave Matthews & Bruce Hornsby
There is Something on Your Mind- Arnold McCuller
There’s More Where that Came From- George Soule
M’Lady- Sly & the Family Stone (oriGinal master in mono)
True to Myself- Ziggy Marley (live in Triple M Studio)
Tender Man- Mike Bleck
Take me Out to the Ballgame- Eddie Vedder (live @ Wrigley Field)
The Wide Sea- Birds of Chicago
**On air Conversation w/JT & Allison of Birds of Chicago**
Sugar Dumplin’- Birds of Chicago
Cannonball- Birds of Chicago


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