With one EYE open

It was a long week of music hoppin’ and this morning I almost slept over, but with one eye open, I made it to and through.

Vishnu Dub- Club d’Elf
One Man Tag Crew- Dub Trio
Wondermint- Turn me on Dead man
Feign Amnesia- They Might be Giants
Sabre Dance- the Brian Setzer Orchestra
Oxossi- Vernon Reid & Masque
the Fine Scenery- Cosmic Farm
So What- the Derek Trucks band
10 More Shows- Rob Wasserman
Inside Straight- Cannon Re*Loaded
This Land is your Land-Walter “Wolfman” Washington & the Roadmasters
What a Man- Soul Summit (live)
Rat a Tang Tang- Papa Grows Funk (live)
the Johnson- Four Finger Five
Webspan- the Nucleus
French Quarter- DJ Logic
Going out of My Head- Fatboy Slim
Funky in the Middle-Nicodemus/Jay Rodriguez/Ticklah
Nuit Magique- Jazzamor
Swallow- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Motherless Child- Lovespirals
Creepsters from the Deep- 9th Wave
Krystalline- Sugar Blue
How in the Devil- Sean Costello
She Caught the Katy- Taj Mahal & Phantom Blues w/J. Popper (live)
Dogs of Santiago- Lipbone Redding
Cold Snap- Soul Summit (live)
If I only had a Brain- Paul Sanchez
Burnin’ for You- Mike Watt
Joe Citizen- BD Lenz

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