Where the Sky and Sea Meet

I had the pleasure of chatting live on air today with Basia Bulat as she prepares to open for Jim James tomorrow evening at the Majestic. We spoke of her multi-instrumentalisticness….how she makes her music feel so lush and she invited me on staGe to be her band, so I got that going for me. It was like we were chums from way back and the folks heading to the show should be ready to adopt a new friend. The music selected during the first half is where the sky seems low and the sea hiGh….Check it:

Clickety Clack- Bruce Reaves
Steel Bridge Song- pat mAcdonald
No. 49- Michael McDermott (live Triple M Studio)
Yucatan- Eric Hester (live Triple M Studio)
New- Paul McCartney
Down the Road- Chuck E. Weiss
Chime Blues- Jim Allchin
Blues Blues Blues- JC Crossfire

Catch me I’m Falling- George Soule
My World Tumbles Down- George Soule
Tall Tall Shadow- Basia Bulat
**Live on air LauGhtime Conversation with Basia Bulat**
Who Dropped That?- the F&G Band Ft. Sandra Taylor
Mashallah!- Heart
Pleased to Meet- Leerone

Nothing But a Driver- the Bottle Rockets
Everybody’s Got a Mountain to Climb- the Allman Brothers
Kind of Bird- Gov’t Mule (live Roseland Ballroom 12/31/95)
The Awakening- Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel
Sweet Spot- Buck 69
James Bond Theme- Reverend OrganDrum
Switch- John Ginty
Dashboard- Big Ass Truck


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