Vas is Dis

The eyes miGht be tricked but I think the ears got it fiGured out. The first half of today’s proGram were not foolin’ anyone:

Never Grow Old- Oli Rockberger
My Home- Oli Rockberger

Caravan- Jacky Terrasson
Hallelujah- T.V. Mike & the Scarecrows
Haywood- Transient Songs
Instant Happiness- Gary Reynolds & the Brides of Obscurity
Water on the Brain- The Neutron Drivers
Light Years to Nothing- the Soft Hearted Scientists

Cannonball- Sirsy
They Told Me- Sallie Ford & the Outside Sound

Why Won’t you Tell Me- Swig
Cookie Jar- Grady Champion
Crazy Enough- Hadden Sayers
Keep on Smilin’- Wet Willie (live 8/13/2011 Woodstock GA)
Praise You- the Slide Brothers
I don’t Like you but I Love you- the Lucky Peterson Band Ft. Tamara Peterson (live at 55 Arts Club Berlin)

Hit a Man- Treat Her Right
Standing by Your Window- Treat Her Right
A Little Strange- Twinemen
Our Favorite Part- Superhuman Happiness
I Bet your Good on the Dancefloor- Baby Charles
I Dream of Bahia- Ray Lugo L.E.S. Express Ft. Elani
Rehab- Trio Valore

Come on- Third Coast Kings
Yo Toda Tu Yo- the Rugged Nuggets


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