Tip of It

The first half of the proGram is the tickler that feels as good as it looks:

Not Going to Do it Again- Bob Forrest
The River- Son Little
Playhouse- Van Morrison
The Devil’s Pulpit- Charlie Clark & the Majestic 12

So Long- Gang Signs
Rollercoaster Baby- Mile High Club
All in the Family- the Revivalists
Two Heads- Jackals
Runaway- the Striped Bananas

Young Heart Old Soul- Legendary Shack Shakers
Fool’s Tooth- Legendary Shack Shakers
Born Under a Bad Sign- Legendary Shack Shakers

I’m Much Better off Without you- Dave Miller Band
La Grange- Soule Monde
Visualize Strength- Salvador Santana
The Gold Coast- Coconut ’74
Chance are Your Dance is Mine- Rickey Andrews

You got to Move- Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
Hot Sauce- Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators
the Dude- Joe B

Think- Randy Brecker (live)
Unarmed with a Mic- James Brandon Lewis


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