ThrouGh the Lamb’s Ear

The second half of yesterday’s proGram felt smooth to the touch but had it’s rouGh wild side just inching over:

Big Jack- Big Ass Truck
The Delinquent- Saskwatch
Stand!- Sly & the Family Stone (live from Isle of Wight Festival)
Rock me Baby- BB King/Trey Anastasio & the Roots (live)
The Bounding Hound- Frootful
Wooden Boy (part 3)- the Cactus Channel
Funk for Freaks- Basement Freaks Ft. Charlie Funk

Salvia Pt. 2- Club d’Elf (live Lizard Lounge 10/12/06)
Voices of the People- M1, Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band Ft. Juma Sultan
Liberation Psychology- M1, Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band Ft. Bobby Seale

The Lottery- the Stepkids
Summer Song- Ronnie Foster (Remix by Diamond D for Diggin’)
Dikembe- Blitz the Ambassador
Pleasure Power- Afrolicious
Afrodisco Beat 2013- Tony Allen/M1/Baloji

Fisherman- Yancy Boys Ft. J.Rocc/Vice & Detroit Serious
I Work Hard- Pillowfight
Red Blood- Nappy Riddem Ft. Brittany Tanner
Autobuzz- Tremor

This is How we Do it- Aluna George
Vibe Vendetta- Pretty Lights
Balkumbia- Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)- Balkan Beat Box
The Myth (DJ Cam remix)- Una


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