The Poppin’ Out

The middle part of the proGram had SUM newness same as the oldness.

Chemical X- Julius Rodriguez
***pre-recorded conversation with Julius Rodriguez***
Actual Proof- Julius Rodriguez Ft. Cisco Swank

Concrete Dim- Daggerboard
Distant Sirens- Daggerboard
Minimalism- Ches Smith
Disco Inferred- Ches Smith
Imperial Strut- Ruben Caban Ft. Camilo Velandia, David Chiverton & Richard Bravo

Music from Prince of Persia (1993 S.N.E.S.) – II – Stage 4/Fugue- Myles Wright
Triple Play- Randy Napoleon
Lo-Jo- Yotam Silberstein Ft. George Coleman
Gloria’s Step- Michael Wolff, Leon Lee Dorsey and Mike Clark

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