The Melt Family

Did a two and a half hour fill in for Rob Roberts and the Morning show preceding the reGularly scheduled greenarrowradio time-slot. The first half and a half started off in the cold but ended it in the waxy disappearance of figures warmth:

Scherzo:Allegro Molto:String Quartet in A Major, OP.2- The Ensō String Quartet
Contrupunctus II- Kronos Quartet and Jeff Mills
White Cylinder (b)- the Cellar and Point

Kju- JÜ and Kjetil Møster
Dear Joanne- JÜ and Kjetil Møster
Return the Tides- Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SP
Agpaitic- Wadada Leo Smith/Jamie Saft/Joe Morris/Balazs Pandi

Rodriguez- Molé
Portal Site for the Sightseeing- Happy Family

Palo Colorado Dream- Anthony Pirog
It Came Down from the Night & Stood on the Porch Until I Invited it in for Tea- Jonathan Badger
The Bear- Jonathan Badger
Sledge Tread- Dylan Ryan/Sand

Beyond Form- HUW
Dewey Circle- Walking Distance


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