stranGe Paw Print

The second half of the Morning Zoo hump day fill in captured an animal who must have snuck onto the grounds…never before seen prints from the creatures walking parts..Where it went or how the prints just disappEARed into the snack bar is still a mystery, but it skulked around the joint while listening to these tracks:

Dancer & the Moon- Blackmore’s Night
Reah Tapuach- Isra Alien

Pushing Against a Stone- Valerie June
Make it Better- Jann Klose
Koman Tong- Lumerians

Working Man’s Blues- Aceyalone Ft. Cee Lo Green
Voodoo Romanowski Island Mix- Romanowski Vs. Dusty

Eclipse- Osunlade
Close to Me (Instr)- the Impellers
Adjust- Atropolis
Sakalav- Christine Salem

Waiting- the Dismemberment Plan
Stolen Youth- Roots Manuva
Hold Me Tight- the Green

Kdogg 7- Boston Horns


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