Squeezed The Pop

The middle part of the proGram made sure to get the all from each.

Groundhog Day- Johnathan Blake
Tour de Force- Mulgrew Miller (live/solo)
Blues For Burns- Mike Jones Ft. Penn Jillette & Jeff Hamilton

Conspiracy Theory- Pete McCann
Message From the Meters- Steve Snyder Trio
Hox A- Black Market Brass
Little Ghosts- Black Market Brass

Ashé Chief Donald: Tribute Big Chief Donald Harrison Jr. – Congo Square Nation- Chief Adjuah
Golden Crown (Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah – Xodokan Nation- Chief Adjuah
Xodokan Iko – Hu Na Ney- Chief Adjuah
Rat-a-Tat- Harold López-Nussa
Olivia- Mike Clark

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