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I want to thank Jared Tankel from the Budos Band for being a guest on the show today. We spoke of the tour bringing them to Madison on the 19th at the High Noon Saloon with Charles Bradley (who Budos will back as the opening act), the growth of the band from their first album to the now, third full release and we also found out that if we left with each others I-Pods accidentally, we wouldn’t be disappointed at all. I also want to thank Mark Adkins of Madison’s own Subvocal. They bring their ambient psychedelic folk noir to the High Noon with another local favorite, Reptile Palace Orchestra this Tuesday, April 12. We spoke about them opening for Zoe Keating in May, what people can expect during a live show and the pieces that make the band (in all its forms) come together to make a true musical machine unique in form.

Blood is Blood- Mary Gauthier
Ghost- Subvocal
Wagner, Max- Yellowbirds
I Can’t Explain- the Who (live at Leeds)
Too Tired- Kid Jonny Lang & the Big Bang
Nothing in this World- Lazy Lester
May I have a Talk w/you- Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble
Olneyville Stomp- Bob Argell’s Blues Outlet
Long Road- Cashman
Keep me Comin’- Jesse Ed Davis
Muddy Water- Aretha Franklin
Birdland- Weather Report
Take Five- George Benson
I got a Woman- Alvin Queen
Spy Movie- Bobby Selvaggio
House Party- Mark Mosley

Future Time- Actual Proof
Omar- Garage a Trois
Once in a Lifetime- Chico Mann
Juru- Donso
Von Vo Nono- Orchestre Poly Rythmo
Eli- Yemen Blues

Goumou- Khaira Arby
Wasara Wasara- the Green Arrows
Now you See- Femi Kuti
Solange- the Pimps of Joytime
Black Venom- the Budos Band
Golden Dunes- the Budos Band
**On air Chat w/Jared Tankel of the Budos Band**
Nature’s Wrath- the Budos Band
No Time for Dreaming- Charles Bradley

Holy Man- Venice Gas House Trolley
Reply- Subvocal

**On air Conversation w/Mark Adkins of Subvocal**
11303- Subvocal (live)
Dig- That 1 Guy
Heaven in Stereo- Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers
Magic- Joan as a Policewoman

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