One Two Tree Bridge

The second half of yesterday’s proGram took the leaves to their word and kept you cozy in the shade with a bridge over festival waters….Here’s the ones that jumped in and took the plunGe:

Don’t Leave me Dry- Spanish Gold
Brighter Tomorrow- Soul Swingers
Luv Jones- Charles Bradley & LaRose Jackson
Colonel Sumners- Teddy Presberg
Roller Skate Rhapsody- Henri Pierre Noel
Prelude En Sol Mineur- Jef Gilson & Malagasy

Put the Man in Egomaniac- The Impellers
Flat on my Back- Cookin’ on 3 Burners Ft. Tex Perkins
All Who Pass By- the Shaolin Afronauts
Invented History- Zongo Junction
Longtooth- Zongo Junction

Theme From Shaft- Malik
The Bombay Twist- the Bombay Royale
Cha Cha Herzlia- Los Hacheros
El Fregabook- Melaza
Funny 1- Oy
Market Place- Oy

Music to Watch Girls By- Andy Williams w/Studio Rio
Tequila- Bio Ritmo
El Gran Pajaro De Los Andes (Instr)- Meridian Brothers
Chant of Ages- Zebrina
El Pollo- La Chiva Gantriva

Good As Gone- Dilated People
Jude Law- The Green Seed
Star Shaped Heart- Atmosphere

Reassuring- Jim E Stack
Empty Mind- Martyn

Ibex- Dirtwire


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