Occupy Ear-Holes

The final set of the proGram banged out a bunch of new tunes that I hope will occupy your ear-holes and take away any thirst therewithin. Here is what I am talkin’ about:

Imagine- Desdamona
Life’s Gone Down Low- the Lijadu Sisters
Cowboy- Zun Zun Egui
The Holy Fuel- Zdob si Zdub
Dub One- Bud Bongo
Polli Polli- Sia Tolno

Dirty World- MeShell Ndegeocelo
Come on in it’s Time to get up- Chris Joss
Conmigo (Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Remix)-Nickodemus FT Sammy Ayala
Daydreams- Olivia Broadfield
Homegrown- See I
At the Party- Ray Lugo & the BooGaloo Destroyers
City Boy- AM & Shawn Lee (Captain Planet Remix)
Stephanie All Night- 33Hz
Radius 123- Lagos
Spot on Phunk- Basement Freaks
Damp Sky 1- Beaten by Them
Damp Sky 2- Beaten by Them

Blue South- Afterlife
Stand Up- Hindi Zahra
Coragem Imon- Cesaria Evora FT James Carter
Golden Isle Groove II (New Mix)- Skeebo Knight
Chant for the Poor- Anthony B

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