No Beanstalk Required

The second half of the proGram clearly was up and coming:

Introducing AKA Ebassman- Ethan Farmer
A You Momma- Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers
Slippy, Peppy, Falco, Fox- Mason Jar Music House Band

Hot Damn!- the Haggis Horns (Haggis/JD73 Remix)
42 (El Quatenta y Dos)- Spanglish Fly
24 Hours to set it Off- Fort Knox Five Ft. Sleepy Wonder
Make it Go Go Short Cut- All Good Funk Alliance Ft. Big Tony Of Trouble Funk

Secoue- Souleance
Lo Tendere que Adivinar- Axel Krygier

Sunset Surfer- Forro in the Dark
Bomba Sham Llamada- Max Pollak
Skindividual- Max Pollak
To Can Ta Con- Max Pollak
Itilla Thene Dagh Aitma- Terakaft

The Ragtime Robin- Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble
MK Ultra Kozumplik- Loop 2.4.3

Searching for You- Shubha Mudgal/Ursula Rucker/Business Class Refugees
Fresh Lemonade- We Chief Ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore & Captain Planet
Turn me Up Some- Jayceeoh Ft. Redman & Jay Psar

Birth Right- Domino Kirke
Halocine- The Disclosure Project
Glory- Jean Michel Jarre & M83

Trepanation- Skylab
Magenta- Skylab
Cab Ride- Georgia
Move Systems- Georgia (Georgia Vs. Warpaint Version)


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