Natch Soul View

The second half of the morning’s fill in proGram is the view from Mother Nature’s porch…It starts with twenty plus minutes of the soul healing Ravi Shankar live from the historic St. John the Divine cathedral in New York City. The date was August 6, 1978….the 2oth anniversary of his first U.S. concert appearance. Ravi organized it as a dusk til dawn performance. It featured many virtuosos of the Indian classical world, and the concert finished with an extended set from, the Maestro….and then there was a few more tracks…LOL:

Introduction at Dawn- Ravi Shankar (live 08/06/1978)
Cathedral Vachaspati- Ravi Shankar (live 08/06/1978)

Raag Kalyan- Lakha Khan
West- Fareed Haque & the Flat Earth Ensemble (live)
Once in a Lifetime- Wasis Diop
Oile Le La- Forro in the Dark
Hallelujah! Hair!- Oy
Desert Rain- Outback
We Won’t Cry- Archie Reach w/ Paul Kelly
T.I. Blues- Seaman Dan


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