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I want to thank both Stuart Zender (formerly of Jamiroquai) & Brian Haas (JFJO) for calling in (you know, like they said they would) and being a part of the program today. It always makes for a better show with the voice of some of the artists getting to reach your ears along with the music. Stuart giving my listeners a World Exclusive of a track that is ten years old but never been heard before, I do appreciate being the first…

San Francisco Bay Blues- Hot Tuna (live)
Folsom Prison Blues- Hot Tuna (live)
Is What it is- the Wood Brothers (live)
Chicken in the Kitchen- the Robert Cray Band
Flight of the Durban- Emmitt Nershi Band
Limbo Akimbo- Hot Buttered Rum

Funky Mountain- Leftover Salmon
I will Survive- Cake
Hades Lady- Pop Levi
Murder in the Name- Johnny Trama
Province- TV on the Radio
Day Job- Chris Kirby
Congo Square- Chris Daniels & the Kings

It Keeps Raining- Robert Plant & Lil’ Band O’ Gold (live)
One Night of Sin- Corinne Baily Rae (live)
In Time- Sly & the Family Stone
Everybody Want Some Parts1->3- Galactic
Gwyra Mi- MMW
**Conversation on air w/Stuart Zender**
Picture in My Heart- Stuart Zender (WORLD EXCLUSIVE)
Whatever it is I Just Can’t Stop- Jamiroquai
Music of the Mind- Jamiroquai
Ain’t that a Bitch- Johhny GUITAR Watson
Soul Kiss- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley
**On air Conversation with Brian Haas**
The Black & Crazy Blues/A Laugh for Rory- JFJO
Imam- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Lady!- Charlie Hunter trio
Lunita- Calima
Corren- Gossos feat. Dani Macaco
Come to Me- the Black Seeds
Afro Phone- the Black Seeds
Balkan Qoulou- Watcha Clan
(Shazalakazoo Mix)
Armageddon Time- Apache Indian
Ruperta/Puede Ser- Novalima
Bacalao Con Pan- Irakere
Baiao Embolado- Forro in the Dark
Neurociencia Do Amor- Os Mutantes

Party Happening People- Deee Lite
Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out- Mayor Hawthorne
Reflection- Ovum
Irresistible Party Dip- Tom Tom Club
Each others Throat- Stevie Wonder
Confide in me- Kylie Minogue
No Control- David Bowie

Click on pic to get a BIGGER look at my new organ

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