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the second part to the Saturday morning marathonG, and the “normal” three hour timeslot for greenarrowradio really set the ears in motion for me. I was thrilled to have a live on air chat with Kal from Rubblebucket, as they’ll be in Madison on the 30th. We talked new album “Omega La La”, what a live stage show would do to the unexpected and also what music is stuck inside the band’s bucket. The music went from coast to coast and I could start to smell the lotion being rubbed on certain songs as the heat turned up….a show built and planted for the musical omnivore in all of us….Check it:

I love the Rain(2011 mix)-the Real Tuesday Weld
Lady Jaguar- Adam Mackintosh
John Wayne- Oh my God
Into the Morning- Zach Deputy

Nomad- Black Dub
For you Blue- Doug Cox/Salil Bhatt
Mocking Bird- Hazmat Modine
Harlem House- Booker T Jones
Atwer Abroba- Ebo Taylor

Negril- Boris Gardiner
El Haz Sensor- Los Tres
Cumbia del Desierto- Los Destellos
Akiwowo- Babatunde Olatunji
Mushroom Strut- the Fantastics!
Green T- d.i.g (Directions in Groove)
the Quiet Lion- the Shaolin Afronauts
En El Tremblor- Ocote Soul Sounds
Dirt & Grime- Father’s Children

A Crowded House- SuperHumanoids
Summertime- Bobby Womack & the Roots
Deeper- DumpstaPhunk (live 2/26/2011)
Juana Bee- Wicked Knee (live)
Caravan- Fanfare Ciocarlia
Kolo Baro- Mahala Rai Banda
Dark Bogul- Garage a Trois

Littlest Number-Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Come Together- Soulive
Brownie, Leo, Gus & Boo Boo Too- Skeebo Knight
Musicawi Silt- the Debo Band
Lost Dub- New Zion Trio
Ghetto Girl(Uptown Slum Club Mix)-Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
Take my Soul- Thievery Corporation
Down in the Yards- RubbleBucket
Triangular Daises- RubbleBucket

***On air conversation with Kal of RubbleBucket***
Comes out of a Lady- RubbleBucket
Devotion- Cheb i Sabbah
Flying Carpet (Adham Shaikh Remix)-David Starfire

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