From the school of funk where the Space Queen resides, we are always pleased by the presence on the proGram of Kim Manning. This time round we talked it up about her upcoming headlining gig at the WORT Block Party, her many transformations and projects as well as the way she can do all that she does – the knowledge share of versatility. The second half of the show had music too:

Sunshine- Saun & Starr
Powhatan- Butcher Brown
3 A.M.- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes
They Wanna Funk Me Up- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Antelope- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Not Get Caught- The Mighty Mocambos w/Derobert

Pressurize the Cabin- Fort Knox Five Ft. Vokab Kompany
Stankies Revenge Part Doo- Farnell Newton
Good Feeling- Jay W. McGee
Bliss- Rosie Brown (Quantic Remix)

Step Forward- Jamie Filay (Mr. Fraziers Mix)
Wanda Landa Landa- Frank Motley
Summertime- Red Saunders

Hand Down Your Head, Tom Dooley Your Tie is Caught in your Zipper- Incredible Bongo Band
Okey Dokey- Incredible Bongo Band
African Sunshine- Eddie Gale
Dank Janky- the Pimps of Joytime
Brain Storm- Naughty Professor
Third Past- Naughty Professor

Mamma’s Haunted House- Kim Manning
Red Hot Mama- Kim Manning
*** Live on air Conversation with Kim Manning***
Bunny Bear- Kim Manning


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