Moonalice over Madison

I felt as if I had been thrown back in time just a little, and maybe even displace to a place I long for…..the Marin County scene….ok, I’ll awaken from it now. But Moonalice brought me to a place in space that I always long to go back to, the psychedelic folk rock scene. But when I looked around more clearly, I recognized the perfect venue here for this show, the High Noon Saloon. When I interviewed Roger Mcnamee of the group, I was excited for the sounds I knew I would get live, but it was the innovative ideas of being able to watch the show back (they video the shows and you can be part of the “Music Video”). Along with Roger (bass,guitar & vocals) is Barry Sless–bass, guitar, pedal steel, vocals
/Pete Sears– bass, keyboards, accordion, guitar, vocals
/John Molo–bass and drums/Ann McNamee–bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals
. This is a band devoted to bringing that very scene I missed out on, back into our lives. While the sets were building and the band was transporting people into plains of being only sound can penetrate…I stepped outside and had myself the time so many people wish for, I got to hang with Jerry Garcia’s main man, Mr. Steve Parish. What a truly cool time is was listening to tales being woven and memories being re-lived. Somehow, on this night….it was even better than expected and if Moonalice is near your neck of the woods….I am a believer that they will bring that same sort of experience into your world, if you just let ’em!








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