Medeski Clouser & G.

What a treat the final third of the show was. Good friend to the proGram Todd Clouser rang in to discuss his solo show on May 9th at the Frequency. The making of A Love Electric‘s new album “The Naked Beat” and how adding the sinGing to his work became a natural proGression, but still on to get used to. It is always a treat to chat with Todd about his and others music. Speaking of others….Todd recently played a few gigs with John Medeski, who happened to be our bottom of the hour guest. John and I discussed in lenGth the making of his new album “A Different Time“, and perhaps his reasoning behind making this album “to be different”. We discussed how music and songs heal as well as the shared space we have in our ears for sound. It was a thrill to be able to talk to him about both Todd and friend of the show, Micro Rivard, the leader behind my Sun Ra, Club d’Elf….and to get a sort of feel what it is like for John to join this amoeba of characters making inspirational improvisational music.

Here are some of those shared spaces:

Massive Move Forward- Afro Q Ben Ft. Zelly Rock
Cruel Intention- Simian Mobile Disco (live)
April Showers- the Mackrosoft
Sweat- Major Lazer Ft Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite
She’s so Cheeky- MeZZo

Kids You’re Late for School Rag- David Chesky
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy- the Wolfe & Clark Expedition
Monster of Solitude- Sean Noonan
Early Bird- Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom

Ride my Radio- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
**Live on air Conversation with Todd Clouser**
Not Hurt- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Zamparo- Sex Mob
Epistrophy- Mark Egan/Karl Latham/John Hart (live)

Waiting at the Gate- John Medeski
**Live on air Conversation with John Medeski**
A Different Time- John Medeski
The New Yorker- David Chesky

Black Belt- John Grant


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