Looking for my EDGE…

Sometimes there are events that make you just, have an EDGE..plain and simple. That has recently taken place and for NOW, I am sworn to take the high road and be the bigger person. Most of me feels that in this case that is HOGWASH. Hogwash is a pretty funny term. So for now, I keep my cool….hooray for self-discipline. (How long do you think this approach will last?)
It’s a matter of respect and those in situations to show some forgetting to prioritize and make sure the right things are taken care of to show a deserving person, SOME RESPECT. There is no way to get a second chance to honor someone at the proper time, those moments come and go and cannot be retrieved, recycled and certainly NOT re-invented. SHAME ON YOU. But anyways, there was a show:

I Wish you Would- John Hammond
I Can Tell- John Hammond
Shake for Me- John Hammond
Season of the Witch- Bloomfield/Kooper/Stills
the Things that I Used to do- G. Love & Special Sauce
Shooting Hoops- G. Love & Special Sauce
She’s a Healer- Neil Young
Country Death Song- Violent Femmes
Pistol Disco Medley-the Sex Pistols
Take my Hand- Jennifer Gentle
Supergirl’s Complaint- Bourbon Princess
Rumdrum- Tomas Einarsson
O’ Congo- Babaloo
Towering Inferno- th Green Arrows
No Delay (Bullitt)- the Green Arrows
Moose- Toubab Krewe (live)
Loose Lucy- Grateful Dead
Helipad- Andy Timmons
Redemption- Andy Timmons
R-n-R Hootchie Coo- Danger Danger (live)
By July- Sirsy (uncovered)
Life of the Mind- Club d’Elf (live)
Miami Blues- Akashic Record
Gig Shirt- Doug Johns
the good, the bad, the ugly- The Dillingers
Magnificent Seven- the Dillingers
Messin’ Around- the Ramblers
Rough & Ready- the Ramblers
Stoyane (male-le)- Transglobal Underground
Porch Swing- Bourbon Princess
Devils Dream- Peter Prince
Life by the Drop- Stevie Ray Vaughn
Voodoo Woman- Nicole Hart & NRG (live)
Woman Stay- the Jamie McLean Band
Action Packed- Green Light
Mitote- Mitote Band

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