Looked Right Through

I did an early morning fill in for the Morning Show once aGain this week and it gives me a great opportunity to play some music that as I search for the ear choices of the week….kinda get looked riGht through and left for another day. These types of fill ins seem to be that day coming….Here’s the first half of it:

All the Things You are- The Quintet (live 5/15/1953, Massey Hall)
Blowin’ the Blues Away- Horace Silver
Soul Dance- Joshua Redman (live 02/03, Blues Alley)
Charles- Cuong Vu & Richard Karpen
Lush Life- Cuong Vu & Richard Karpen

Havana City- Hilario Duran & Perspectiva
Stretto in the Ghetto- Branford Marsalis
Watermelon Man- Donald Smith Ft. Mansur Scott
Cuchy Frito Man- Cal Tjader
OGD (road song)- Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery
Take the A Train- Lionel Hampton
Mantra- Emil Richards & the Microtonal Blues Band
Burn Vagabond Burn- Ned Evett & Franck Vigroux


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