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This final portion of the show was filled with conversations. First was an artist I have been spinnin’ for yEARS and it was great to talk with Ron Levy about his new album and book…we swapped some quick stories about a shared beloved pal, Melvin Sparks and chords and harmonies/B.B. King and how he uses his ear memory. It was just like a conversation on this proGram was first started and intended. Then, ringing in riGht after Ron was Sallie Ford who made up for not ringing in the day before..we spoke of her show that evening at the Majestic and the new album. I was able to spin a few more tracks between that chat and a thrill of a good time convo with Freekbass. He and I talked about his Cincinnati Reds and my Red Sox, his album Concentrate and the work with Bootsy Collins on it, as well as almost all his records…Freek will be playing bass on tour in the Kelly Richey Band, and will stop here in Madison this Friday at the Harmony Bar. He also mentioned tales of a new album that included the words nasty and dirty, so now…that sounds like something to look funkward to. Here’s what the show looked like:

Hunk O’ Funk- Jack McDuff
Can’t Get Satisfied- the Greyhounds
Something to Drink- Ed Alstrom
Ron Levy ID/Show Promo
**On air Conversation with the Road Dog, Ron Levy**
Badd Mannish Boy- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom
**On air Chat with Sallie Ford**
Lip Boy- Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

The Drunken Drummer Blues- Organissimo
This That & the Other Thing- Skeebo Knight
Trashtruck- the Greyboy Allstars
99%- Billy Martin’s Wicked Knee Ft. Shelley Hirsch
Infinite Depth at the Bottom of the Sea- That1Guy & the Magic Pipe

Rust Belt- Charlie Hunter/Scott Amendola
Spaztastic- Rock Candy Funk Party
Once Upon a Groove- Electrik Peach Fuzz

Grinder- Freekbass
Funkin’ all Nite- Freekbass Ft. Bootsy Collins

***Freekbass Conversation live on air***
I went Down Easy- Kelly Rickey Band
Leavin it all Behind- Kelly Richey Band
Fast Drivin’ Mama- Kelly Richey Band


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