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The second set from the Sunday early morning open schedule fill in took a turn down the lane of the unknown and other side of the world, riGht up into the upper space as I had a chance to chat with Richard Leo Johnson about his latest release “Celeste”. This other place in space soundscape is rendered wonderful with the addition of Theremin build for CF Martin III put right smack dab in that there guitar. It was a treat to talk with RLJ about the creation behind the creativity, the “also known as” moments to took the walk with him on the journey and even the next steps on the path. I am thankful he reached out to me, as we made for some great radio toGether. Here’s what happened:

Aiko Biaye- Ginger Baker
Croc Gossip- Michael Case Kissel
Mr. Simon- Souzy Kasseya
Fote Mogoban- Jali Musa Jawara
Message From Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu
Many Rivers to Cross/Sing Low- Soweto Gospel Choir
Need You- Habib Koite
Alla L’An Ke- Toumani Diabate
Rajrajraj- Frigg
When the Levee Breaks- Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha
Mazhalyk Tu- Huun Huur Tu
Remembering Ulaatai River- Huun Huur Tu
Call of the Wild- Richard Leo Johnson
Reverse Engineering- Richard Leo Johnson

***Live on air Conversation with Richard Leo Johnson***
Gink- Richard Leo Johnson
Bake Head- Richard Leo Johnson

Welcome- Slavic Soul Party
Baltika- Slavic Soul Party
Get it How You Live- Slavic Soul Party
Teri Toor- Suba Vs. Apache Indian
Wings Over Cairo- Ahmed Qawala


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