Leaf Freeze

where more than the wooly mammoth was found….there is the sound of the ancients…the song of the times long aGo…Here is the middle set of the other days fill in show where the where you came from remembers:

Pema- Kiwi
Sooner or Later- Soothsayers
Number One Sound- Bones Ft. Gregory Issacs (Jungle Mix)
Starver- John Brown’s Body

Amdokwe- Vusi Mahlasela (live)
La Vie est une Danse- Herleo Muntu
La Liverte- Khaira Arby (live Festival au Desert)
Orere- Elejiglbo- the Lijuda Sisters

Djinn Djinn- Mickey Hart Band (live Jersey Shore 8/17/2012)
Djoulo Diata- Ba Sissoko
Zankay- Baba Salah
City Woman- Bongos Kwue

I am Somebody (part2)- Johnnie Taylor
Put the Flame on it- Charles Bradley

37 degrees 56’39” by 111 degrees 32- Curtis Hasselbring
If only- the Kadinsky Effect
Jazz Rule- Johnny Hawksworth & Hampton Hawes

Prelude- Gerald Clayton
A Life Forum- Gerald Clayton
Oceans- Next Collective
God is Black- the Burnt Sugar Arkestra Chamber


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