Independent Selection

I love being able to choose my own sounds to share….here is more sharing…for your eyes:

20/20 Vision-Charlie Haden w/Bruce Hornsby
Old Joe Clark- Charlie Haden w/Jack Black
Complicated Shadows- Elvis Costello
Every War-Pictures and Sound w/Willie Nelson

a Great Day for Freedom- David Gilmour (live)
Thriller- Jake Shimabukuro (live)
Half Human- Jimmy Lloyd
Drinkin’ or Drivin’-purgAtory hill(pat mAcdonald)
Midnight Train- Buddy Guy/Jonny Lang
One Bourbon One Scotch- Zakiya Hooker
Never Going back to Memphis- Shemekia Copeland

Rocket in my Pocket- Little Feat (live)
Red Dress- the New Orleans Radiators (live)
Shhhh(for a Little While)-Broke Dick Dog
Dirty Hairy Theme- James Taylor Quartet
Mini- Corduroy
Righteous- Quiet Boys
The Gettin’- Arrested Development (acoustic live)
Natural- Arrested Development (acoustic live)
A Country Song- Catalyst
Bumbo- Nomo
Feel Alright- Albino!
Magic Fever- Magic Circle Express
Disco Groove- the Checkmates
You met your Match- Tower of Power
Gary’s song- Alice Smith
Pieces- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Tuff Enuff- Cherine Anderson
Soon Come- 10 FT Ganja Plant
Bush Rock- 10 FT Ganja Plant

an Afrasian Occasion- Sam Newsome
Iron Man- the Bad Plus
Diplodocus- Frank Zappa
Soul Polka- Frank Zappa
No Exit Strategy-Jim Weider’s Project Perculator
Baby Seals- Mamarazzi
Dollar Pants- MMW

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