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I want to thank Billy Childs of the group that has been dubbed “The American Led Zeppelin”, Get The Led Out, as they make their way to the Barrymore this Friday to do just that, and also to the mighty Skerik, who will bring his Bandalabra here to the Frequency this Thursday, for being guests on the program and giving us a taste from the mouth of the ones…..There was also music that made its way into the ear place:

Why didn’t you Send UR Message in Word (skit)- Virgil Howe
Escape- Virgil Howe
Barrio Chino- Dennis Wiley
Heading West- Marco Benevento

Futuro- Ammoncontact
Look- Sean Noonan’s Brewed by Noon
South- Fareed Haque & the Flat Earth Ensemble
Win my Train Fare Home- Robert Plant (live in Saraha Desert)
Dazed & Confused- Get The Led Out (live)
***On air conversation w/Billy Childs of Get The Led Out)***
Over the Hills and Far Away- Get The Led Out (live)
Confused- Yonrico Scott
I am a Centaur- Julien Kasper Band
Opression- Jack Dupont
Plutocracy- Skerik’s Bandalabra (live)
***On air conversation with Skerik***
Simulacrum- Skerik’s Bandalabra
Dogs Like Breath- the Spokes
I Still Believe- Bill Ortiz (Montgomery Bus Remix)
Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt- Yellowman (live)
Red Light Lady- Ophelia
Minimum Wage- Lila Downs (live @ FiP)

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