Ice Cricket

The first third of this open schedule fill in found frozen in the vast frozen tundra of Wisconsin, is a rare sonic cricket….this creature has survived the test of time and has its very own soundtrack….Here is what was playing when the archeologists and cricketoloGists uncovered and discovered:

In a Minute!- Pamela Sklar
Kaash 2- Vandana Vishwas
Three Variations on Plum Blossom- the Orchid Ensemble
Lale- Zedashe Ensemble

Aichata- Imharhan (live Festival au Desert 2012)
Mustt Mustt- Kiran Alhuwala Ft. Tinariwen (live Festival au Desert 2012)
All the Same- Vieux Farka Toure (live Amarrass Desert Festival 2011)

Touha- Fru Fru
Codigo de Barra- Bajofondo
Romados- Boogat
Goodbye Pinocchio- Paris Combo
Ardelve Tide- Thomas Lukassek

I shall be Released- Charles Lloyd/Jason Moran
Humus- Don Cherry & the New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra

Shake up the World- Eric Mingus
Peaceful- Amatorski
White Magic- Dylan Ryan
White Nights- Dylan Ryan

Afro Blue- the Derek Trucks Band
Lanvanoo- Henri Pierre Noel
It is a Silly Fish that is Caught Twice by the Same Bait- Mike Davis
Ghost Rider- Romanowski


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