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The third and final portion of the proGram had its sites set up. I had the opportunity to chat with Zane Kesey, son of Ken Kesey…We talked about the original beGinnings to the sixties and how folks of now can be a part of it. Zane has got the old bus back and are working on trotting around these states heading to places and festivals and recording all of it as a story meant to be told. People who want to find out more can got to this link here. This is your chance to be a prankster and make a peace of history happen to you. Here’s the music that lead of to this cool experience:

Caravan- Revolutionary Snake Ensemble (live)
Back up This Train- Eddie Bo
Bongo Universe- Beat Funktion
Bongolia- Incredible Bongo Band

Slow Down- the New Mastersounds
Sally- Crowd Company
Ice Cream Man- Third Coast Kings

My Baby is Hot- the Eminent Stars
Crumbs off the Table- Breakestra
Hey Girl- Sonny Knight & the Lakers
Stop that Train- Jerry Garcia Band (live 1990)
Fly Rasta- Ziggy Marley
Let’s Get Together- Earthrise Soundsystem Ft. Srikala & C.C. White
Shake the Night- Imperial Highness Ft. Rocker T.
Revolution- See I
Tenesh Kelbe Lay- Zvuloon Dub System

I’m Running- Ibibio Sound Machine
Magnetica- Quantic
No Air- Rory More Ft. Gemma Ray
Newport Bounce- Jef Gilson & Malagasy

***Live on air Conversation with Zane Kesey***
Mosumana Collé- Baka Beyond
Old Woman- Leonid Utesov (the Girlfriend Remix)


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