Fly be Free

The final set from the Monday show is takinG the sounds and letting them blow in the grOOvey breeze….just put on a facemask and lay down for a little while and see how it moves you….BE FREE:

Pride and Joy- Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughn (in session)
Sugar- EG Kight
Think About Love- NRG Band (live)
Till Victory- Patti Smith Group
Dahlia- the Dude of Life and Phish
Muhammad Ali- Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Make Fire- the Radiators (live at Tipitina’s)
Sweetest Smile & the Funkiest Style- Soul Alley
Let’s Groove- Donny Hathaway
Let’s Jam- Keller Williams & More Than a Little (live)

Mystery Train- Legion of Mary (live 12/14/1974)
Sex Machine- James Brown (live L’Olympia Paris 3/8/71)
Super Bad- James Brown (live L’Olympia Paris 03/08/71)
Get the Picture- Trombone Shorty
Some Iko- Henry Butler (live Mardi Gras 2009)
King of the Second Line- Dr. Michael White (live Mardi Gras 09)
Baby 81- Moisturizer
Mandanglina Ft. Indio Picaro- Sven Barth & Induce
Interlewd 2 (the Boob Groove)- Sven Barth & Induce
Run For Cover- Marcus Miller (live)
Juicy- Russel Blake
Highway 75- Chris Joss
Psychotic Reaction- Count 5
Danger- AC↕DC
Bring it on Home- Dread Zeppelin
Run Like Hell- Pink Floyd (live)


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