The middle portion of the proGram had so much funk to it, the blooms burst into their status as they did the dance of life. A big thank you to Janet Schiff of Nineteen Thirteen for introducing the listeners to the their latest cello-pretation….”Summertime”, featuring Janet on Cello, Nez on Drum, fellow Frail Paganite Victor DeLorenzo on drums, friend of the proGram Mr. Rob Wasserman on bass and introducing Monia on vocals. The story Janet told of her grandma Marguerite being recorded in 1961 on the B3 organ…and this track was one of the tunes they made work off that reel…It is a mysterious sound that went well over the airwaves..as always, I am honored to be a part of their scene:

Be Somebody’s Angel- Soul Suga & Diane Durrett Ft. Randall Bramblett
No Jelly- John Ginty
Funkin’ in the A.M.- Analog Son
DumpstaPhunk Jam- DumpstaPhunk (live)
Regards to Marcus- B3
I Want to be Love- Stevens & Foster
Cutting Room (Hot Pants)- Oceanliners
Keep it Steady- The Brecker Brothers (live @ the Bottom Line)
We Three Kings- Indiana Highway
Wait for Me- Bobby Stroup
The Way I See it/Far Out- Nature’s Time

Can You Understand Sacrifice- Tom Macke
Danger- Jay McGee
I Come From Jamaica- Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames

**Live on air With Janet Schiff of Nineteen Thirteen**
Summertime- Nineteen Thirteen Ft. Monia/Rob Wasserman/Marguerite Schiff
Freakin Frack- Marco Benevento & Dave Dreiwitz
Tribe- Mark Diomede & the Juggling Suns Project Ft. Keller WIlliams

Love in Outer Space- the Polyversal Souls
Get Up & Dance- Sonny Knight & the Lakers (live
Troubled Land (Reprise)- Speedometer
Mirage- Speedometer Ft. James Junior
Big Day- Mister T.
One Big Party- Shaun Martin


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