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It was a pleasure today to have friend and scene manager Ankur Malhotra of Amarrass Records in studio today to talk about all things Amarrass Records including the Amarrass Derest Music Festival, work with amazing musicmen like the Barmer Boys and Lakha Khan and Sakar Khan, as well as a mutual friend in Vieux Farka Touré. Describing the field recordings in detail and the live desert fest from the man who helped make it go was like being there. We will certainly be inviting Ankur back on to fill us in more about this great music, and the wonderful people helping to keep it alive. Here s what happened in the first part of the show when he and I were in the now:

Nothing 19- Milford Graves
The Cosmos- Sun Ra
Free Music Quartet #1- Free Music Quartet
Born in a Suitcase- Either Orchestra
Sanity- Ken Field ->
Final E- Ken Field
13A Corner View from Robin Street- Reggie Quinerly

In studio introduction to Amarrass Records with Ankur Malhotra
Na Maar Naina de Teer (intro)- Lakha Khan ->*
Na Maar Naina de Teer (in Raag Bilawal)- Lakha Khan*
Bamer Jam #1- Bamer Boys (live Amarrass Desert Music Fest 2011)
Train Song #1- Sakar Khan*
Meeting of the Mintrals (Desert Jam #2)- Vieux Farka Touré/Lakha Khan/Madou Sidiki Diabate/Barmer Boys
(live Amarrass Desert Music Fest 2011)
In studio Outroduction of Amarrass Records with Ankur Malhorta

* Denoted Field Recordings First Time Aired Ever.

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