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I want to thank Yonrico Scott for being a guest on the show today. His positive energy was refreshing and it is clear to me why so many people love the music certain people make, it’s the person behind it many times. I also had the chance to chat with Sam Robinson and Giles Corey, two guys with different bands working the rock & soul scenes over with hard work and keepin’ it real, for the feel. Here’s what happened midst the conversations:

Invitation to the Blues- D.W. Ditty
Bill’s Song- Michael Pickett (live)
Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad- Marshall Lawrence
Crosseyed Cat- Joe Pitts
Cottontail- Floyd Dixon
Smell Something- Mem Shannon (live)
Shed no Tears- Sugar Blue
New Orleans Crawl- 7 Walkers
Acid Reflux- Bad Apples
Celebration- Tommy James & the Shondells
Take me Back- Jackie Greene
Video Nasty- Lisa Loeb/Steve Reynolds
Thank you(forlettin me be Mice Elf again)- Barry White
Well- Laura Reed & Deep Pocket (live)
Don’t that Bring you Back- Diane Durrett
Couldn’t be Him- the Transatlantics
Drive my Car- Soulive

Sent to the Edge-Randall Bramblett/Geoff Achison & Friends (live)
Mahjoun- the Derek Trucks Band
I Wish I Knew(how it would be to be Free)- the Derek Trucks Band
Elegant People- the Yonrico Scott Band
**On air Conversation w/Yonrico Scott**
Crazy- the Yonrico Scott Band
I got it Right- Five Gallon Groove
*Sam Robinson of Five Gallon Groove on air chat*
North- Widespread Panic
Bongo Bong- Delta Nove
Baby you Know-Mohammed Alidu & the Bizung Family
Innocent- Buju Banton
Pariah- Lubriphonic
Devil’s in the Details- Lubriphonic

**Giles Corey of Lubriphonic on air conversation**
All Right, All Right- the Apples feat. Fred Wesley
Boogie Nights- Q Orchestra
Daytripper- Soulive

Sincope Joaobim- Tom Ze

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