Fillin’ in with FORCE

Got some open schedule time in today with some beats and grooves that I might not otherwise make room for in sets on the Saturday morning version of the show….Trippin’ Hoppin’ and G-Roovin’ was in the tips of the fingers pressin’ the buttons…and it made a list like this:

I Wish I could be Beautiful- Rithma
Sex Sells- Rithma
Slank- EOTO
Until Next Time- Bassnectar
Thrill 103- DJ Vadim
Chapter 7- Mister Rourke
– Evil Genius
– Midnight Resurrection
– Universe and Beyond
– Slow Decay of the Mind
Funky Nawari- Jef Stott
136- Midival Punditz (Gautam’s Downtempo Mix)
Medicine- Rara Avis
Mangala- Zamon 8 & Hafez Modir
A Max- Sindacops
Sensei’s Theme- DJ Sensei
Pedestal- Portishead
What I might Say- Ill Chemistry
Infinity (Remix)-Desdamona/Carnage/Alexia Lindsay
Spirit Made Flesh-Dub Gabriel feat Karen Gibson Roc
High Life- Taragirl
She Do- the Pimps of Joytime
Bonita- the Pimps of Joytime
Uschi’s Groove- the Ballistic Brothers
Lubumba -98-a New Funky Generation feat Makira
Pojo Pojo- Cyberfit
Yo Voy- Novalima (Coba Soundsystem Mix)
World Party- Larry McDonald w/Shaza
Sister Twisted- Kinky
Digital Monkey- Balkan Beat Box (Soulico Mix)
intro (Sao Jorge)- Da Cruz
Ghettoblaster- David Last vs Zulu
Wand- Tristeza
Ynys Elen- Banco de Gaia
Private People- T.H. White
Mushaboom- Feist (Mocky Mix)
Lovertits- Feist with Gonzales
Can’t Stop- the RH Factor
Feet’s Don’t Fail me Now- Ministry of Sound
Take it as it Comes-The Sugarman 3 & Co feat Charles Bradley
Nealization Remix- Soulive w/Dub Fader
Bursting- Bassnectar w/Buckethead
Got me a Black Woman- Tony Bunn

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