The middle sets of the proGram found the hiGh flyin’ sound falling into the earz of those with their doing on the ground:

No Negative Energy- Either/Orchestsra
Big Butt- Either/Orchestra
Feelin’ Alright- Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band
I Love Your Many Ways- Lincoln Chase

Big Wheel- Saun & Starr
Come Inside- Samantha Reed
Foxy- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Once- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Road to the Earth- the Mighty Mocambos w/Peter Thomas
1969 Organ- Venice Dawn

Red Golden- the Pimps of Joytime
Fire in My Belly- Fort Knox Five Ft. Ashley Slater

Hi Life- Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers
From Kinshaha to the Moon- Mbongwana Star
Masobélé- Mbongwana Star
Jakten- Jungle By Night
Pamuromo Chete- Thomas Mapfumo

Mina- Daby Touré
Nah ee Nah- Bolo
Believe System- Nneka
My Love My Love- Nneka

Mogalammakapa- Tidal Waves
Uptown Set- the Expanders
Famasound- Famara


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