Electric Rusty

The first half of today’s proGram reminds me that I have a ghost shrimp…his name is rusty. Here is the music Rusty pulsed around with as the electric blue x-rays were taken.

—> 1- Owen Pallett
The Riverbed– Owen Pallett
—> 2- Owen Pallett
Bacchanale From Sampson & Delilah- Project Trio

Company III- The Dublin Guitar Quartet
Bohemian Rhapsody- California Guitar Trio (live, Luna Park)
Hold on- Bill Frisell
And Love- Armand Margjeka
Where I’m From -Eels

Can’t See You- Grant Farm
Can’t Do Nothing Babe- Little Freddie King
Piano Roll- Eddie Bo
River of Molten Rock- Carmen Grillo
House is Rockin’- Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

Edge of Evolution- Alanis Morissette
Funny- Black Lips
Xanadu- The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

String Trio, OP.1 No.2:I Andantino- Barking Pumpkin Digital Gratification Consort
Prelude to a Catastrophe- Ed Palmero Big Band
Lumpy Gravy- Ed Palmero Big Band

Confessions- BadBadButGood
I see No Leader- Jamie Saft/Steve Swallow/Bobby Previte
Magnolia Triangle- Stanton Moore


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