Did an early morning fill in once aGain before the regularly scheduled greenarrowradio show. The pre-show had a view throught the daffoGrass:

Transmutate- Marc Cary
Music is the Magic- Marc Cary
It’s Too Cold I Need Some Hot- Jacob Shulman
Spanish Sketch- Michael Gibbs & the NRD Bigband
Las Vegas Tango- Michael Gibbs & NRD Bigband Ft. Bill Frisell

Envergo Mas No Quebro- Joana D’Arc
Musica for Puppets- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Robots Dream- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Mas Lento- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Kashmir- Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band

Sunday- Myroslav Levytsky (live)
We Always Fought on Thanksgiving- Moist Paula’s Electric Embouchere
The Dragon- Walsall Youth Jazz
Martinin Sweet- Joy
Praise Poems- Warmth
Alone Again- Jorge Darden
Tribute to Ruffian Pt 2- Innerflight

Son of Macbeth- Marcus Miller


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