Cleaning Breakfast

Early starts miGht be happening all suMMer on the show. I have been kicking off around 10 minutes after 7amCST and doing two different versions of greenarrowradio, and I honestly have been diGGin’ the results. I still am blending in things off my laptop as a new way to deal with change….s’all good now! Here is the first show of the two, people cleaning people eating people listening:

“Some Dawg Music”- the Barn Rats (live)
Pass it on- Willie Nelson
Basin Street Blues- Willie Nelson
Churpa Cabras- Undertows
Gravity not Included- Stunt Doubles
Black Widow Spy Der-Acoustic Surf Tones (live)
Mahna Mahna- Cake
Lola Leave your Light on- Gov’t Mule
I Slept Late- Delaney Davidson
Sacred Ground- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
Roots- Copal
Memory- the pickPocket Ensemble
Monster Smith- Afuche
Bucky Balls (Spherical Fullerene)-the Dead Kenny G’s
Luxury Problems- the Dead Kenny G’s
Go Gaunt Green- Cheer Accident
Mutator- Jeff Bujak

Take a Stroll- Little Axe/Skip McDonald
Flying High- Jahdan Blakkamore
Jah Army- Stephen/Damian Marley
the Quick & the Dead- Bedouin Soundclash

Marching- Toussaint
Hard Times- Duane Stephenson
Bagn Len- Youssou Ndour
Living Stone-Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars
Native Sun- Blitz the Ambassador

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