Bridge the Sound

I did an early morning fill in for the Morning Show once aGain this week and it gives me a great opportunity to play some music that as I search for the ear choices of the week….The sounds of the second half of this show were the bridge to soundsscapes where some feet have never touched, nevermind an ear…Here is the path:

Saturday Night Fish Fry- Lou Rawls Ft. Joe Williams & Lionel Hampton
Eye of the Hurricane- Herbie Hancock (live)
Looking Forward (breaking bad)- Harvey Mason Ft. Guillaume Perret
Steady Freddy- Mike Clark & Paul Jackson
Hotel Domingo- Mike Clark & Paul Jackson
Fat Time- Miles Davis
Nature Boy- Manu DiBango
May the Funk be With you- Celia Baron
Doozy Mugwump Blues- Interstatic
Voodoo Chile- Michael Bellar the As Is Ensemble

+=+=+=+=+=+=+- Amatorski
Boy Girl- Amatorski


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