Astral Splash Down

I want to thank Har Mar Superstar for bringing his heroic ways…formally a villain perhaps to the second half of the proGram. We spoke about his latest release “Bye Bye !7”, his upcoming show on the 23rd at the High Noon Saloon and how the mayor of Minneapolis named September 20, Official Har Mar Superstar day. The splash down of space dust was released heavy within the chosen tuneaGe:

Funky Train- Poets of Rhythm
Younger Generation- Master Plan Inc.
How Slick is Slick- Master Plan Inc.
Sing a Simple Song- Sly & The Family Stone (original mono master)

X Ray Bear- the Cactus Channel
Gettin’ Earnest- Frootful
Second Best- Saskwash

Late Night Morning Light- Har Mar Superstar
12:12- Har Mar Superstar

**Live on air Conversation with Har Mar Superstar**
Lady, You Shot Me- Har Mar Superstar
Green and Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo
Peter Pan’s Pantry- Big Ass Truck
Hangin’ with Rourke- Akashic Record Ft. Mr. Rourke
African in New York- Blitz the Ambassador
Sufi Hadra- Falu, Aiyb Dieng & Bill Laswell

Pad Fenike- Gipsy.CZ
Gypsy Tango- Gipsy.CZ
BumTras- Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra

Trapped by Love- Manu Chao
Le Rendez Vous- Manu Chao
Peruvian Groovon’- Del Exilio
Tukupakata- Systema Solar

Green & Gold- Malachi & Victor DeLorenzo
You are we am I (Blue Mix)- TJ Rehmi
Roots East Dub- Ian Sandler
Zindagi- Spy From Cairo


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