As the crow flies

narrowly escapes the glass….the music distraction was nEARly the end….here’s why:

Scootch- Boris Garcia
007- Starlite Orchestra & Singers
The Selfish Gene- Stephane Wrembel
Carolina on my Mind- Warren Haynes w/Don Lewis
Mercy of the Sea- the Ragbirds
Give me the Business- The Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band (live)
Optimist- Zoe Keating (live)
Build a Great Cliff- Tu Fawning
Now we’re Nowhere- Little Barrie
Get your Mind Right- Barry Adamson

Bali Eyes- Porno for Pyros
16 Tons- the Dandy Warhols
Bring Ring Ring Yeah- Gemma Ray

The Latest Fashion- the Time w/Prince
Good Times- Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra (live)
(you caught me) Smiling- Sly & the Family Stone w/Scar/Cee Lo Green/Big Boi/DJ Swiff
Sing a Simple Song- Sly & the Family Stone w/Chuck D/d’Angelo/Issac Hayes
Love City- Sly & the Family Stone w/Moby
Giorgio’s Brother- Eddie Roberts (lack of Afro Remix)
Flaximus- Brownout
Ghost Dance- Congo Sanchez

El Choclo- Nat King Cole w/Brazilian Girls
Stories- Copperwire
A Loop- DJ Cam

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