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The baGG was full of it and it was mixxed into a space for the time…the 1st half of the show is mostly the musical adventure where the 2nd part (posted early tomorrow) is filled with interviews and exclusives and a whole lotta love….Here is what the baGG had to say:

Wildfires of the Mind- the Sandman’s Orchestra
Therapy- Chris Daniels
Matchbox- Willie Nelson & Family

Oxford Town- Richie Havens
**On air show pluGG with Mr. Dance**
Tomorrow May not be Your day- Taj Mahal (live 4/18/1970 Royal Albert Hall)
That’s my Story- Gary U.S. Bonds
Shidara Stomp- Kicksville
I Got to Ramble- Marshall Lawrence
Texas Devil- Whiskey Rodeo
Street People- Shannon McNally
Liquid Diet- Jason Vivone & the Billy Bats

Invisible Pistols- Purgatory Hill
Picadilly Willie- Os Mutantes
Devil Take my Soul- Son of Dave

Ghetto Funk- Duracha
Miss Pretty- Shuggie Otis
Churn the Butter- Eddie Buster Band
Ease it on in- Sunrise

I put a Spell on you- Celia Baron
Shake it off- the Soul of John Black
Giving me the Blues- the Lucky Peterson Band Ft. Tamara Peterson (live at 55 Arts Club Berlin)


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