All Left

Cuz not much was going riGht. Firstly, I had to call security to get me up to the studio….the eye in the sky couldn’t carry me there….then the phones wouldn’t connect with Gregoire aGain….How embarrassing…but, I was in a couple hours EARly to play a bunch of music. Here is the first portion of three different proGrams in one:

Train d’Enfer- Stephane Wrembel
The Butcher’s Wife- Caravan of Thieves
Seven- Brazz Tree
Doomsday Averted- Rasputina
Road Rage- Stratospheerius
Molly- the Yellow Dogs

Need $100- Guitar Mikey & the Real Thing
My Guitar won’t Play Nothin’ but the Blues- Tommy McCoy
Poodle Ribs Story- Albert Bashor
Poodle Ribs- Albert Bashor
Spasms- Boston Blues Works Ft. Jesse Dee
My Rooster is King- Grady Champion
We should Dance- Treasa Levasseur

A Visit to the Cave- Weird War
Deserted Cities of the Heart- Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience
Bertha- Great Caesar’s Ghost Ft. Butch Trucks (live)
Deal- the Everyone Orchestra (live)

Eyeball Kid- Tom Waits
Pebbles Instrumental- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson
Might Have Beens- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson
Swing it Far- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson

Tokyo Sunrise- Global Noize
Tilin- Bebe
Paloma- Eljuri (Kinky Remix)

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