After Climb Cool Off

The second half of the Monday morning fill in has the coolth of the water below, ready for your leap in….There was also a quick timezone malfunction fix. Allen Stone was suppose to ring in on my reGularly scheduled show, but the timezones got in the way. He did however, ring in on TMI with Aldous Tyler. SO, I aired that in there as well, to continue the support of live music. A biGG thanks to Aldous and Allen for making the most of it. Here’s the sounds to cool off with:

Motley Mary Ann- Pisces
Wait a Minute- Eddie Ray
Doin’ What’s Right- Shuggie Otis
New Orleans Blues- Jumpin’ Jack Strobel

**Allen Stone Timezoned with Aldous Tyler Live on air**
Carnaval- Glen Cashman’s Southland Nonet
Spectrum- Will Calhoun
Rise- Djustpora

Octopus E- Rock Candy Funk Party
Down the Tube- Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
Another Day in the Life- J.Krown/W.Washington/R.Batiste Jr.
You can’t Fix it, Throw it Out- Beyondo
Disco Boy- Basement Freaks
Bedroom Stories- Basement Freaks Ft. Mustafa Akbar
Three Views of a Secret- The Mackrosoft

Hey You- Ursula 1000 Ft. Fred Schneider
7th Street Groove- Empresarios
Here Comes the King- Snoop Lion Ft. Angela Hunte
Deep Purple- DJ Muggs

Sand (for Mark)- Club d’Elf


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