A Surprise Place to Hide

The biG surprise today was a special hot off the plane chat with the headliner of today’s Sun Prairie Blues Festival, Mr. Walter WOLFMAN Washington. I have been playing his music over the airwaves since I stared doing this trip many years aGo now. It was an honor to finally have him sending his love on the proGram. Also guesting on the first part of the show was the man who handed the phone to Walter, Tony Menzer….we spoke on Lorenzo MenzerSchmidt, getting the best acts on the stages of this years festival and his group that’ll be playing this year, the Velveetatones. So, if you felt like hiding…I hope you had room for me:

Nothing- Aisha Burns
Schemes- Gambles

Save it for a Rainy Day- the Jayhawks (live Triple M Studio)
Charleston Chew- the Howlin’ Brothers
Dixie Fried- the Howlin’ Brothers

Rocky Road- Bela Fleck
Twilight at the Zuq- Strunz & Farah
Tuesday Night- Alfonso Ponticelli & Swing Gitan
Paquito- Harmonious Wail Ft. Gonzalo Bergara
Faux Nouveau- Mischievous Swing

Samba Samba- Gipsy Kings
Encuentros- Sultans of String

Dalla Stazione Centrale- Funky Mama
How did this Happen- the Cactus Channel
I Could be Wrong- Saskwatch
Don’t Wanna Try- Saskwatch
Family Affair- Sly & the Family Stone

Benedict Boogaloo II- Frootful
Time is Tight- Reverend OrganDrum
I Got a Woman- Reverend OrganDrum
The Quirk- John Ginty Ft. Albert Castiglia
Dodge the Arrow- the Broadcast
Big Boy Pete- Phantom Blues Band
Flyin’ So High- Rising Sons Ft. Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder
Going to Brownsville- Lorenzo MenzerSchmidt
** Live on air unexpected chat with Walter WOLFMAN Washington**
***Live on air Conversation with Tony Menzer***
Rack ’em Up- Jonny Lang


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